Submersible fuel transfer pump with strainer, 30L/min, 55mm, 24V

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The 24 V submersible pump with a diameter of 50 mm is designed for pumping diesel fuel, heating oil and other liquids of similar density. Very convenient to use. A special metal mesh filter at the pump inlet (bottom) prevents the suction of elements that could damage the device and contaminate the liquid. The flow rate is approximately 30 l/min when powered by a 24 V DC source.


Application: The temperature of the pumped liquid should not exceed 30°C, and the maximum ambient temperature should not exceed 40°C. Connect a hose with an internal diameter of 16 mm (max. length 3 m) to the pump and secure it firmly with a clamp. Immerse the pump in the liquid. Connect the red clamp to the positive "+" pole and the black clamp to the negative "-" pole. Start the pump using the switch on the cable. After 30 minutes of continuous operation, turn off the pump and wait 15-20 minutes. Restart after it has cooled completely. After pumping, make sure that the pump is completely empty and there is no liquid in it. Clean the filter if necessary.


Important safety rules: Do not use the pump to pump alcohol or other flammable liquids such as gasoline, solvents, acids, gas. Do not start the pump until the hose is connected. Do not change the anode or cathode connections on the battery terminals. Never approach a pump with a fire source.


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