Jumta gaisa kondicionieris transportlīdzekļiem līdz 6 m garumā, 1200 W, 12 V, Plein-Aircon, OFF

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Plein-Aircon 12V is perfect to cool and dehumidify up to 6 meter campervans that allow its installation on the roof.




Plein-Aircon 12V is made for roof installation, positioned above the sleeping area area to improve comfort while you stop and during your night rest, or to maintain the ideal temperature while driving, ensuring optimal cool air distribution. Compared to 220V solutions, PleinAircon 12V doesn’t require installing an inverter or a combustion backup generator, considerably reduces power consumption and spreading, and eliminates CO2 emissions when you stop


Technical data


Compressor: 12V Samsung
Input Voltage: 12V DC (Optional 115V-230V Smart Switch Power Supply)
Refrigerant Gas: R134A
Cooling Capacity: 1200 Watt (max)
Power consumption 12V *: 16 amp/h (auto) / 42 amp/h (max)
Dimension external unit (HxWxD): 246x720x800 mm
Dimension of evaporating unit (HxWxD): 50x533x600 mm
Dimensions roof cut-out (WxD): 400x400 mm
Roof thickness: 30-70 mm
Weight: 25,3 Kg
Number Air Vents: 2 (front/rear)
Number of Blower Speed: 3 + auto
Air flow: 350m3/h
Remote control: Yes
Timer: Yes
Battery protection: Yes
Starting current: Very low starting current
Soft Start function: Yes
Best for vehicle length: Max 6m vehicles
Interchangeable internal filters: Yes
Test markes: E-mark / EMC
Eco Sustainable System: No generator or inverter needed


* at 32°C ambient temperature (internal and external)


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